Yoga and Relax


"The natural movement".

The nature of the body, of all its functions, is dynamic. We know and experience this dynamism from certain learned patterns. We learn to look, to hear, to think, to recognize certain stimuli and to avoid others.The vital impulse that encourages this constant act of creation that we call the body is reduced to the dominion of a schema. We operate from this scheme, we relate, we face our health or our illness, our emotions, our certainties and our insecurity from that frame of reference.

However this scheme, no matter how rigid or reductive it is, is permeable; It can not capture the full potential of the matrix impulse, and so in certain moments of wonder, crisis, beauty, we discover an unprecedented intimacy unknown at the same time.

That margin, much more complex and extensive than the scheme itself, shows us a body, a world, a thought that in Buddhist terms we would call fertile. Kashmir Yoga explores that space, its imprint, the body's organic memory of it, the creative impulse that encourages thought, the essential intuition that illuminates every act of life itself. The language of this yoga is the natural movement, the way it is presented in its simplicity, its elegance, its silence.

This language is universal, to recognize it implies freedom from beliefs, intentions; To recognize it means to listen to the body, to ally with it.This listening brings us back to the energy, the sensitivity and the intelligence that are the identity of our body, what we are, the nucleus that nourishes and generates the expression of our life.The body is the place of human experience.

This place is built by three principles: energy, intelligence and wholeness. Our body proposal developed both in individual programs and in group programs not only forms a specific space in the activity of the Institute, but also participates as an essential element in the educational programs we generate both in the area of ​​Self-knowledge and in Self Management.